3 Important Ways to Own Commercial Real Estate Property

3 Important Ways to Own Commercial Real Estate Property


Believe it or not, real estate market experiences lots of ups and downs in recent years when it came to small or mid-scale business. Hence, the question was daunting in real estate professionals’ minds that whether it would good to invest in rented or own commercial property. No doubt, buying a commercial property would be matter of appreciation in real estate market. It is considered as the best investment a person ever made. Though, you need to know that buying or selling commercial real estate property is not like buying or selling residential property.

How You Can Own Commercial Real Estate

When you have decided to invest in commercial real estate, for sure you have taken a wise decision in your life. Your investment would definitely show you profit if you know how to play the commercial real estate game. It does not mean that you need to be an expert, but you need to follow right steps to get your possible reward. If you do not want to suffer from the consequences then make sure to follow steps prior to own commercial property.

1. Prepare Yourself from Inside-out

Prior to invest in commercial property, ask yourself a few questions.

First, are you interested to buy commercial real estate for yourself or you want to start a new business?

Second, what kind of property you need and for which purpose you want to buy commercial real estate property.

Third, are you looking for a property to rent it or to lease it?

Forth, you need to know the right condition of your financial status prior to buy a commercial real estate.

Fifth, decide whether you want to go for sole investment or partnership.

Sixth, check how much risk you are capable to take.

Seventh, check whether you are ready to serve your duties as a landlord or you would hire managing group to take care of your property.

Most importantly, you need to acquire knowledge in commercial real estate property selling and buying that you can take your decision on your own.

2. Need to Uncover commercial real estate vocabulary

When you are new in commercial real estate business, you need to first know vocabulary and acronyms that you can get savvy with the terms and yield commercial real estate business well. Let us have a look at the terms that would help you working in the industry easily.

  • LTV or Loan to Value: A ratio you ask from lender against the value purchase.
  • DSC or Debt Service Coverage Ratio: The proportion of debt a commercial property owner needs to pay each year.
  • Cap Rate or Capitalization Rate: Property income gets divided by total cost of property.

There are more term like Cash on Cash, Vacancy rate, Ad Valorem and lot more.

3. Do Research Work Before to Final Deal

When you are thinking to buy your commercial real estate property, it is always best to visit a few properties to choose the best one. You need to consider the location, type, condition, and price and so on prior to buy your commercial property. Properties that are found near hospitals, malls, universities, schools and downtown areas, are always higher in value and provide good return.
Importantly, when you are going to buy commercial property, make sure the property fits your need, budget and give you the profit you are thinking to make from your real estate property.