A Brief History

The history and essence of Allaham Consultancy is Mr. Joseph Allaham, the founder and director. Celebrating decades of success, expertise and experience in a variety of businesses, MrAllaham founded the company to meet the growing needs in the real estate sector in the USA.

A dynamic and entrepreneurial organization, Mr. Allaham has created this company with the promise and commitment to fulfill the gaps in the real estate market in a unique manner. The company aims to position itself as a dynamic new fast-growing firm in the real estate sector in the USA.

Mr Joseph Allaham is a businessman with maverick determination. He carries a bold business attitude and immense market knowledge across different industries. With an interesting history, going back to his birthplace, Syria; migration to the United States in the late 90s, and being the founder of the first high end kosher restaurant in the United States, Mr. Allaham has a commendable business profile. Allaham Consultancy stands on MrAllaham’s success, his determination, perseverance, business acumen and goals to bring a wave of innovative change in the real estate sector in the USA.

About Allaham Consulting

Allaham Consultancy is a diversified real estate company. Our service portfolio includes investments, consultancy, construction, development, support and management in the real estate sector. We specialize in residential, commercial, retail, hospitality, office and mixed-use property assets in major geographic regions in the USA.

Each of our projects is undertaken with a fundamental, value-driven strategy by understanding the client’s need, taste and individual requirements. Through our vast operations and widespread teams, in-depth knowledge of our target markets, and strong relations with stakeholders, we are able to identify and manage real estate assets of every size and type.

We are a full-service company creating value through aggressive management, leasing, strategic capital improvements, successful litigation and prudent financing programs. Our approach in favor of clients is manifold:

    • Affordability in the real estate economy
    • Long-term profitability through assets
    • Consistency in property management
    • Innovative and unmatched solutions
    • Providing truly unique spaces

Our Mission

Our philosophy is deeply rooted in the idea that creating spaces that match clients’ needs and providing the best services for property assets is the best way to insure success – for clients and for our company. Insight, integrity and results, are three factors that define us.

Our Vision

To service our esteemed customers by being the most responsive and offering the best quality at optimal costs in all aspects of real estate.

A real estate consultancy can offer a third-party fresh opinion, researched analysis, knowledge-based information and a new perspective to your real estate requirements. Some of the many ways in which Allaham Consultancy can help:

Strategic Insight:Real estate consultants have the extensive expertise to provide strategic insight into assets and help clients find suitable solutions to every aspect. As one of the largest and most diversified privately held real estate companies in the United States, Allaham Consultancy actively develops, manages and invests in all sectors of the real estate market. We are a one-stop solution for all your real estate needs.

Analytical Approach:Allaham Consultancy brings an acute analytical, professional and entrepreneurial approach to the different aspects of real estate – acquisition, entitlement, development, construction, renovation, leasing, asset management and financial investments, among other services.With our team’s keen understanding of the user experience and a deep knowledge of trends, tastes and desires, we’re able to provide customers with truly unique spaces.

Regulatory Knowledge: Real estate assets acquisition and management is a complex field with specific nuances that require expert attention. Allaham Consultancy has attracted a passionate team of seasoned executives who bring wide experience from all aspects of the real estate industry. Together, our team is the best-in-class with a shared commitment and vision.

We Undertake Complex Projects: With the most experienced and knowledgeable team, we confidently take on challenging projects. We welcome complex and problematic assets that other firms may deter, because we have the capability to structure, negotiate and close the most complex transactions efficiently, quickly and in a cost effective manner.

Expert Third Party Opinion: Matters related to pricing, appreciation, absorption and others need critical market knowledge. We can verify the financial matters related to your assets.