How to assess if the neighborhood you have chosen to live in is safe?

How to assess if the neighborhood you have chosen to live in is safe?

In April 30, 2018

It is essential to be highly proactive to ensure personal safety, especially in conjunction with the place you reside in. A thorough background checking is a must before you decide to shift to a new place. The overall safety of the neighborhood affects your sense of security and happiness besides the resale value of your home.

Luckily, there are several online tools which can assist you to keep a check on neighborhood crime rates notwithstanding whether you wish to learn about the statistics of the crime before your relocation or you wish to understand safety measures in your current location.

There are several ways to maintain vigilance for yourself, your neighbors and community. We have compiled together distinct pieces of the insights from the highly talented experts this subject:

Crime and neighborhood safety:

The ultimate truth is that crime can effectively make its way to any type of neighborhood, as it does not depend upon safety and property management. At times of economic distress, people are less concerned about the growing crimes in communities. The effective step is as easy as locking the doors or can be as complicated as beginning a watch program within the community through effective teamwork with neighbours.

This is a guide that effectively defines burglary, the essence of neighbourhood safety and can provide relevant tips to keep your children safe and lastly how you can ascertain yourself as a proactive member of the community so as to promote effective safety and good property management.

What is the meaning of burglary?

The property crime takes distinct kind of forms; however one of the essential forms is burglary. In relation to the definition, the term burglary means “an unlawful entry to an area which does not involve theft but it might be that sometimes.” The break-ins are not always fun and might make your neighbors and family feel a little uneasy. With this said, the homeowners must take in proper kind of measures to deduct the likelihood of the homes that are being burglarized.

Top tips for keeping your surroundings safe

You must keep in your mind that the neighborhood safety effectively requires team effort. The below listed tips are certainly great for keeping the family and home safe by fostering a community which is safe.

You must know the people living in your neighborhood:

It’s important to know your neighbours at a basic level. This goes a long way in making you recognize a suspicious person in your area. You must be conscious about the habit of the neighbors, at the time when they are away at work; if they have children; if they are elderly and require assistance from time to time. This is an awareness which makes the neighborhood a much safer and tighter community to reside in.

You must keep your neighbors thoroughly informed:

It is always considered smart to completely know the people living around you and get to a particular level of trust with them. This is important when you plan on getting away for a few days on vacation or work as your neighbours can keep vigil of your home till then.

You must get a dog who can guard:

Keeping a dog is an effective way to alert burglars or crooks from attempting any break-ins. In case you do not have any dog, it wouldn’t hurt to place a “beware of dogs” sign outside your house. You must not let the dog replace the home security system; however, a dog can be used to intimidate intruders and make them think twice before committing any kind of crime.

Begin with the Neighbourhood Watch:

A program for the neighborhood watch can certainly go a long way, in keeping your house and family safe and conducting a well-refined background check. It does not draw largely on your personal time and doesn’t involve any personal risks. A good neighborhood watch just increases awareness within the neighborhood for any kind of suspicious activity, as the police can quickly be notified which definitely leads to the increase in the chance of preventing the crime. Below mentioned are few steps for beginning with a Neighbourhood Watch:

  • You must briefly go from door to door elaborately explaining how the neighborhood watch is supposed to work and to gauge if there is sufficient interest shown by people in this program. You must recruit those who are keenly interested. You would also want to assign them a definite key role of neighborhood watch so that the effort does not fall upon one person only. It also assists with cooperation and teamwork throughout the neighborhood. In case, you reside in a large neighborhood, then you could assign based on the geographical locations so that a specific individual is the main contact point for a certain area.
  • Get the local police inspectors involved. You must work on fixing meetings between your neighborhood watch and the police. This helps to know your local officers so as to grasp the knowledge of the crime trends in a specific area along with the legal requirements for formulating the neighborhood watch. You must schedule the required meeting at least three weeks in advance so that there is sufficient time for others in the neighborhood to attend the meeting.
  • You must prepare an action plan. After you have established the neighborhood watch, you are required to schedule meetings on a periodical basis to assess the progress, goals and any questions or concerns in regard to the neighborhood watch. You are also supposed to reach out to your neighbouring civic groups so as to expand and further get involved in a certain area.