The Benefits Of Purchasing A Home Warranty

The Benefits Of Purchasing A Home Warranty


At the time when you buy a home, even for the house that might not be new, there exists feasible chance that you will be getting a home warranty. The seller might offer you the chance to buy Home Warranty to merit peace of mind with the assurance that any repairs of the house would be covered by the service contract. In addition, you might receive a number of mail solicitations to buy a home warranty once the relevant sale is over.

What is the meaning of a Home Warranty Plan?

A home warranty is not the same as insurance for homeowners, nor is it a replacement of the insurance policy for homeowners. The insurance for homeowners covers major perils like hail, fires, property crimes and several water damages which could bring down the structure of the house. However, a home warranty plan does not cover such perils. Instead, it covers particular home components.

A home warranty is defined as a considerable contract between the home warranty company and the homeowner which accounts for replacement service and discounted repair on the major components of the home like the air conditioning, furnace, electrical system and plumbing. A home warranty plan might cover major home appliances like the dryers and washers, swimming pools and refrigerators. Most of the plans have a basic level of coverage. The homeowners can as well buy more than one optional component so as to make up for the additional cost and additional coverage.

The companies which provide home warranty in relation to the Property Management have relevant agreements with the acceptable service providers. When things which are covered under the home warranty plans break down, the homeowner generally calls the home warranty agency. And the company dealing with home warranty sends their service providers to take stock of the existing problem. In case the required replacement or repair is covered under the warranty, then the provider will undertake the job. The owner of the home only pays a relatively small amount called the service fees along with the amount which the owner had spent to buy the warranty.

What is the Home Warranty Cost?

The cost of the Home Warranty adds to a few hundred dollars payable every year. Also, the home warranty expense can be paid in instalments, in case the warranty company provides you with a good payment plan or policy. The Home Warranty Cost varies on the basis of the Property Management and Property Kind such as a condo, a single oriented detached family, duplex, townhouse and whether the owner of the home buys a basic or extended plan. The cost generally does not vary with the age of the property, unless the house is brand new which leads to an increment in the coverage cost. Moreover, the square footage of the house also doesn’t affect the cost in general unless the land is more than five thousand square feet. Unrelated structures include the guest houses which generally don’t come under the Home Warranty Plans but can come under additional fees structure. Moreover, the garages are covered under the general policy of home warranty.

In relation to the annual premium, the home warranties also charge a considerable trade call fees or service call fees of about seventy-five dollars to one hundred and twenty-five dollars each and every time the owner who holds the warranty requests the service provider to visit his home to examine and analyze it thoroughly for any issue. On thorough examination, the contractors like the plumber or electrician are said to go to the owners home to make the necessary repairs.

Having a home warranty does not mean that the owner of the home will never spend a single amount on the repairs of the house. Few of the issues are not covered completely by the warranty, as for complete coverage, the owner will have to take the home warranty for each and every item present in his home. Also, the warranties for home generally do not cover the component which has not been maintained properly. Furthermore, in case the warranty company doesn’t claim the warranty for a particular item, then also the owner of the home is required to make payment for the service fees.

The Advantages of Home Warranty Policy:

Like most of the warranties, a warranty for home is considered to be a protection against various unforeseen, expensive repair bills so as to provide the owner with peace of mind. For most home owners who do not have an emergency fund or who make an attempt to protect the emergency fund, a home warranty can be crucial. The home warranties make sense for those people who do not want any hassle in hunting for a contractor in case of an issue.

Home warranties make sense when the owners use high-end home appliances. The basic subject in consideration to the home warranties generally come up at the time of purchase and sale of a particular home. A warranty provides a kind of assurance to buyers with limited information regarding how well the components of the home must be maintained. A home warranty can assist and be helpful to the one who has depleted his entire savings by purchasing a house and therefore wants to neglect additional expense on repairs. For sellers who offer the home buyers a probable pay up and a year warranty for home in consideration with the purchase of the house might bring forth a measure of protection against complaints conducted by the buyers about existing defects or defects arising after the close of the sale. However, providing the homeowner with a home warranty policy doesn’t state any kind of exemption to the seller subject to his legal obligations regarding issues with the house.

Final Take

In consideration to the transactions made in the real estate, there exist various reasons to take advantage of a home warranty.

Buyers Agent

Basic advantages in consideration to the Buyers Agent:

  • Assist in making clients happy
  • Increases the chances for referrals
  • Leads to a decrease in post-sale of the liabilities
  • Leads to the increase in the confidence of the buyers for the purchase of the house.

Listing Agent

Basic Advantages in consideration to Listing Agent:

  • Assist in making clients happy
  • Enables to strengthen the ability of total listings to market advantage.
  • Reduces the amount of risk which might arise from various disputes that include broken home appliances and home systems.
  • Decreases relevant stress at the time of the listing. In case, a covered item malfunctions, then the home warranty company will completely take care of the good.
  • Leads to an increase in relation to the opportunities for referrals.


Basic advantages in consideration to the buyers:

  • They protect the budget from expensive repairs against covered items.
  • Provide a time saving and easy way to search for service providers in case a covered good malfunctions.
  • Provide relevant security in relation to service calls and 24*7 processing of service requests.
  • Protects home appliances and systems which are covered for a year or more till the time the deal closes.


Basic advantages in relation to the seller:

  • They protect against various hassles and depleted marketability that any kind of breakdowns might arise at the time of listing.
  • Protect the budget against covered items and costly repairs.
  • Endows the relevant buyers with considerable confidence so as to submit the best offers.
  • Prevents the overall sale from getting postponed or derailed in case a covered item fails at the time of the transaction.

Making a prediction as to when a home appliance or home system might stop functioning is as tough as predicting a change in weather. However, when those unexpected or uncertain fall outs are covered by the home warranty plans then everyone benefits from it.