How to find a home that’s right for moving in with pets?

How to find a home that’s right for moving in with pets?

In March 23, 2018

Most people openly confess that they consider their pets as their own kids. This is generally true for those who don’t have their own children or those whose kids have grown up and left the nest.

Therefore, when a pet lover hunts for a home, he has a different set of criteria. Like a parent, the owner of a pet researches and analyzes the best districts they might consider for moving in with pets. Homebuyers having a pet have distinct requirements:

Check the Code Restrictions of the City & County:

Imagine one’s shock when the place Costa Mesa, California publicly notified that a goat as a pet would not be allowed. For one individual who owned a Nubian goat, it was a setback. Though the neighborhood was known as Goat Hill, the place ordered this person to search for another house to keep his goat. Similarly, there are many cities which do not allow certain numbers and kinds of pets within the city limits.

You must go through the association documents of the homeowner:

Not every homeowner association allows you to bring in pets. In case if the association did allow pets, it is most likely that there would be limitations on the type, numbers, size, noise factors and whether a particular pet is permitted to wander around freely in the premises or not.

Many homeowner associations rigidly enforce their particular bylaws. Therefore, you must not fall into the trap and think that the bylaws will not apply to you as they are considerably silly limitations or the HOA will not enforce his own rules and regulations on you and your pet. Most of the homeowners’ association contracts carry several penalties for the ones who go against the regulations of the homeowner association.

Consider the features of the home:

A home buyer at Sacramento was too adamant that she avoided purchasing a house with proper carpeting. She wanted to purchase a house for her pet Schnauzer with ceramic or wood floorings throughout. Another homebuyer who indulged in first time purchase had adopted a rabbit who ate away the fabric; therefore he neglected to purchase the home with drape coverings.

However, for bathing your dog properly a proper outdoor faucet is considered best. Therefore, you must also check before purchasing a home whether it has an outdoor faucet or not moving in. You must make a thorough list of the most preferred and desired features beforehand.

Examine the layout of your home:

Pets that age might face trouble climbing up and going down the stairs. Therefore, for those who own senior pets, it’s useful to consider purchasing a single home. Generally, cats love to sit by the window, hence the houses with window ledges or those which are low lying are favored by the felines. Also, it is worth checking – if the house has a playroom for your pets to play in? Or is there enormous closet space for keeping the supplies of your pet? Your cat will highly appreciate a personal space to keep a little box.

The pets appreciate running and chasing each other in various circles. Therefore, you must make sure that the home you buy must provide your pet with sufficient space to move around. Moreover, if you keep your house pet confined to a particular place, will the layout be conducive to the arrangement?

You must thoroughly inspect the street traffic:

There are times when the most well mannered and polite dogs vigorously bolt in case the front door is open. Cats are quite inquisitive and curious as they generally find a way to squeeze out through the door to go outside. Hence to prevent this occurrence, it is better to decide on purchasing a house that is situated away from a busy street.

In fact, there was a situation when the cat of a pet owner tried to claw out the screen of the window to escape. Since then, the owner got a pet screen installed at his place so that the cat couldn’t make any such attempts.

Enquire regarding the previous pets present in the house:

In case, if a seller is selling off a house which had a pet, you must check for any pet damages, especially under the rugs. In fact, you must inspect the back of doors and windows for gouges or scratches. You must also ask about pet accidents and presence of fleas in the house.

The odour of the pet is generally difficult to eradicate from the house. However if the smell is not noticeable to you, then you must get a pal who is not just a pet owner but is officially a sniffer as well. Cats generally mark their territories and if you are a cat owner, then you might not want to face the procedure of inappropriate elimination to replicate itself. You must also consider getting a backlight installed and inspect a place at night for definite signs of cat urine.

You must find whether your neighborhood is amicable enough for pets:

You must drive around the place or neighborhood to see whether you are able to spot your neighbors outside walking with dogs or see if you notice a pet cat lounging by the window.
You must carefully analyze the community structured receptacles to get an idea about the waste deposits. You must consider and decide for yourself whether you would want to reside in a place where cats are on the leashes while the owner carries a plastic or you want a community where pets run freely around.

You must locate proper pet services:

If you are purchasing a house in a brand new place then before moving in with pets, you must ask the neighbors and the agent for a valid referral to figure out the pet vendors. For instance, you must also find out where you can find the best:

1. Store for pet food
2. Proper veterinary clinic
3. A good daycare center for pets
4. A pet sitter
5. A groomer

You must search for a proper dog park:

The best way to meet up with neighbors and befriend them is at the dog park. Listed below are few good questions which you must consider asking regarding the dog park:

1. Are you expected to keep your pets on a leash?
2. Are the pets encouraged to run around and play with each other and socialize well?
3. Who are the ones who maintain the dog park?
4. Does the dog park provide containers and stations for pickup?
5. Is there a certain time limit fixed to visiting the park?
6. Do you hear the barking of the dogs at the dog park from your new house?
• Does the home have a fenced yard?

In case, if the yard is not fenced, and you wish to cater your pet with a pleasant area to play around then you must find out the exact cost incurred in constructing the same. And, if your new house has a fence then you must make sure that it is gated properly. Make sure that the latches of the gate and the fence of the home is high enough to prevent your dog from jumping out. You must also inspect for any loose fence boards which require replacing. Moreover, if you are planning to purchase a swimming pool home, you must either get a fine cover for the pool or get a security gate installed around.