How to Get Your House Ready To Show for Sale?

How to Get Your House Ready To Show for Sale?

In March 8, 2018

Have you entered into the phase of staging and prepping your house for sale? Each and every seller is always eager to sell his or her home as fast as possible and make the most of the market conditions. How does it sound? Does it sound good? Well, it is not exactly luck which can make it happen soon enough. What actually makes it happen is systematic planning and careful execution so that the home buyers flock to your property. Just go through the pointers mentioned below of how to prep your home and make it look irresistibly good and marketable.

Disassociate or Separate Yourself from the Home

It might be difficult but you must know to let go of things especially if it is only an investment meant to fetch rewarding returns. You have resided in this home for decades, and now it is an integral part of your life. However, you will have to think logically and take practical steps to make it saleable. Here are few essential tips which you must consider:

  • You must state to yourself that this is not exactly your home but a house. You must consider you home to be an ultimate product which requires to be sold off like a small box of chocolate or cereal.
  • You require to make a mental decision of letting things go for good. You require being emotionally strong and focused regarding the fact that this house is not for you.
  • Imagine yourself relinquishing the charge of the envelopes and keys which contain the appliance oriented warranties to the brand new homeowner of your property.
  • You do not require looking back instead; look forward towards a happy future.

De-Personalize Things Up

You require packing of your personal articles like family photos, heirlooms of your family etc. Buyers should not find any previous personal artefacts as you must not distract them with old remains in the home. Instead, you require to make them imagine or make them think about their own photographs hanging on the wall which would make them feel that this home is only made for them. Try to decorate the interiors with neutral articles. This way you can create an ambience which would make them dream, think or see themselves relishing in it.

Your number one priority should be decluttering things up:

Generally, people living in a house collect all the unused junk from their home and keep it aside with a thought that since they have not utilized it for ages, probably now also they will not require it.

  • If you do not require the junk then you must think of throwing or donating it off.
  • Remove or keep away all the read books from the bookshelves.
  • Collect all the knickknacks.
  • Clean all the things from the counter of the kitchen.
  • Collect and store all the essential things which are utilized daily in a little box which can be easily stored or kept in the closet when you are not using them.
  • Think of this as part of the head start to the packing which you are would be doing to get away from the home.
  • Rearrange the storage cabinets and bedroom closets

There are home buyers who like to snoop. They generally open different cabinet doors and closets to out of simple curiosity. Just think about the message that it exactly conveys if any of your personal items get exposed to them. And with this now imagine what exactly will be the buyers thought process if he sees all the items organized in a systematic manner. This will reveal the message that you are a good keeper who takes care of the entire home in a proper manner. You can easily send out this message to them by following the ways listed below:

  • Arrange the spice jar in an alphabetical manner.
  • Stack the dishes in an apt and neat manner.
  • Turn the teacups downward facing.
  • Hang all the clothes together. Remember the clothes must be buttoned and must face in the similar direction.
  • Line up all your shoes in a systematic and organized manner.

You must think of renting the storage unit

A home looks better and neater with fewer goods and furniture. You must remove the furniture which hampers and blocks the walkways or the pathways and place them in the storage counter. Like, if you have removed all the books from the bookshelf, then you must store the bookcase in the appropriate place. You must remove extra things from the table of your dining room so as to make it look larger. You must just place enough furniture in every room so as to show the purpose of the room. You should not make the room appear such that the buyers will have to scratch their heads and think what exactly is this room used for?

Replace and Remove Your Essentially Special Items

If you wish to take the built-in fixtures or appliances, covers of your windows or bed sheets along, then you must remove them beforehand. If you have the chandelier hanging in the living room which was bought by your grandmother then take it along with you.

If the buyer of the home doesn’t see it, then obviously he or she will not want the same. For instance, if you forget to remove a particular item and the buyer loved the item and if you say that he or she cannot have this item; then she might covet it which could eventually blow off your entire deal. You need to only showcase those items or artefacts that seem like part of the deal. In case removing certain articles rob the aesthetic essence of the place, then consider replacing with other options that are not so cherished.

Before Showing Your House to the Seller, Make Sure To Make Few Minor Repairs

In the market where there are few sellers you can sell your home easily but if it is the other way around then it can perhaps be a great issue. In a market with less competition, you can sell a home without making too many repairs or rectifications. However, in a normal market or the market of a buyer, no home repairs can end the deal. Following are the things which you must get repaired:

  • You must replace the cracked floor with new counter tiles.
  • Get the patched holes in the room walls repaired.
  • You must fix the leaky faucets.
  • You must fix the doors that do not close properly. Also get the jams of the kitchen drawers repaired.
  • You must also consider getting your house walls painted with neutral colours.
  • You must replace the light bulbs which are burned out.
  • If you have considered getting your worn bedspread replaced then you must do it right away.

You Must Make Your Home Look Sparkling!

You must get your home cleaned to the best. You can also hire great assistance for the cleaning purpose. Following are the things which you must do:

  • Wash the windows thoroughly from the inside and out
  • You must hire a pressure washer and spray through the exterior and sidewalks
  • You must clean the cobwebs
  • Re-caulk the sink, showers and tub
  • Get the mirrors and faucets polished
  • Clean the fridge thoroughly
  • Vacuum clean the floor
  • Clean the blades of the fan, light fixtures and dust all the furniture
  • You must bleach the dingy grout
  • Hang fresh towels in the right places
  • Replace the rugs which are worn out
  • The towels look good if they are fastened with a bow and ribbon. Therefore, try to fasten the towel and make it look presentable.
  • You must air out or clean any smelling area. Unpleasant odours are a big NO.