Real Estate Investments


At Allaham Consultancy, we bring a profound understanding of what makes a real estate investment successful. That is precisely what sets us apart from other firms. We have the ability to see unique opportunities. Alongside, we recognize the need and possibilities of real estate investments that clients’ desire.

Aligned with the investors through a studied and deliberate approach to investing, our strategies create value, generate opportunities, minimize risk and maximize long-term profits. Our competent executive team has the ability to uncover and acquire assets that satisfy clients’ requirements, whether residential, business, or mixed-use assets.

Our approach is to focus on:

  • Capital preservation and enhanced risk-adjusted returns
  • Above average cash flow and long-term returns from assets
  • Recognize lucrative assets that are not identified by the market
  • Pioneer real estate market trends
  • Target investment themes based on macroeconomic and market trends
  • Properties in dynamic secondary markets with favorable supply and demand characteristics
  • Geographically well-located assets in the areas preferred by clients
  • Add value to all assets
Commercial Property Investment

Whether an office building, shopping mall, retail center or industrial park,we focus on value-add and opportunistic real estate strategies for commercial property investment. We acquire assets at attractive values with prospects to enhance returns at the asset level.

Residential Property Investment

We recognize that homes have the most special place in every individual’s heart. With thorough knowledge of the residential properties market, Allaham Consultancy ensures assessing and acquiring the right asset for each individual client’s needs

International Property Investment

With an extensive networkacross the globe, we lead the way in international property investment. An understanding in property regulations of different countries is a must when investing overseas. Aligning our full-service approach with that of the specific country and investor, we optimize asset portfolios of clients.

Fund Management

At Allaham Consultancy, we offer our expertise in fund management. Real estate fund management requires experienced individuals who can optimize the value of assets through superior transaction and management execution.